Prices and Booking

 Our current ticket and membership prices are shown below.

The membership price covers the cost of postage, website domain costs and a number of other small costs. See below.

Members Non-members






Ticket Pre-Booking 

Ticket pre-booking is now available.   Call 07756 853 714 and leave a message with your 

number of seats you would like reserved 
Day you would like the seats reserved (Sun/Mon) 
A contact phone number

Your seats will be reserved until 10 minutes before the screening.

You will still have to pay for the tickets on the door.

 Free tea and coffee before each screening is included in this price.


Membership Prices 

One year's membership prices are

One year Membership





** Concession is under 18, student (with student card), registered disabled and senior citizens. You will need to show evidence e.g. DAB card when signing up for membership.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Cinema at Newmarket’.

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