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 Day         Date  time  Title  Sub-
 Sun  January 24th
 7:30 Gran Torino
 Mon  January 25th
 7:30 Gran Torino  Y  15
 Sun  February  7:30 Julie and Julia  Y  
 Mon  February   7:30 Julie and Julia   Y  
 Sun  March  7:30 Creation  Y  
 Mon  March   7:30 Creation   Y  
 Sun  April  7:30 An Education  Y  
 Mon  April   7:30 An Education   Y
 Sun  May 23rd
 7:30 It's Complicated
 Y  15
 Mon  May 24th
 7:30    It's Complicated  Y  15
 Sun  June 20th
 7:30 Bright Star
 Y  PG
 Mon  June 21st
 7:30    Bright Star  Y  PG
 Sun  July 18th
 7:30 Up In The Air
 Y  15
 Mon  July 19th
 7:30    Up In The Air  Y  15
 Sun August 22nd   7:30 A Single Man   Y  12A 
 Mon August 23rd   7:30 A Single Man   12A
Sun  September 19th   7:30  The Ghost  15
MonSeptember 20th  7:30 The Ghost  15
Sun October 17th  7:30  Letters to Juliet  PG
Mon October 18th  7:30  Letters to Juliet  PG
Sun November 21st  7:30 Nowhere Boy    15
Mon  November 22nd   7:30  Nowhere Boy     15
Sun  December 12th  7:30  Magic Lantern to Movie - How pictures came to move  N/A
Mon  December 13th   7:30  Coco Before Chanel  12A