About CaN

Cinema at Newmarket (CaN) is a not-for-profit volunteer run group which was formed at the beginning of 2004 with the intention of showing commercial DVD films at a suitable venue in Newmarket, Suffolk, UK.

To do this we joined the Suffolk Digital Cinema Network (SDCN), an organisation which was set up to initiate and support local groups such as ours.  The SDCN owns several sets of high spec DVD projection and sound equipment which are loaned to the local groups.


Our Mission...

To provide the "cinema experience" at an affordable price to local people.

To do this, we use a high quality DVD player and projector, to show movies on a 5m (15 foot) wide screen, with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Supported by...

Editorial, design and production services for publishers, private companies, public organisations and charitable foundations.

Phone: 01954 214006

Email: enquiries@cambridgepm.co.uk

Website: www.cambridgepm.co.uk

Contact Information


We show the movies at  The Stable at 65 the High Street in Newmarket - upstairs just next to Goldings.

Seat Booking

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General Information: mail@cinemaatnewmarket.org.uk

Webmaster: webmaster@cinemaatnewmarket.org.uk